Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who's Term Limited at the Capitol?

During each General Assembly session this online news journal specifies the legislators who are not eligible, under Colorado's term limits law, to run for re-election.

The following senators cannot seek re-election:

Sen. Greg Brophy (R-District 1) (term expires January 2013)
Sen. Ken Kester (R-District 2)
Sen. Abel Tapia (D-District 3)
Sen. Jim Isgar (D-District 6)
Sen. Josh Penry (R-District 7) (term expires January 2013)
Sen. Robert L. Bacon (D-District 14) (term expires January 2013)
Sen. Brandon C. Shaffer (D-District 17) (term expires January 2013)
Sen. Maryanne "Moe" Keller (D-District 20)
Sen. Betty Ann Boyd (D-District 21) (term expires January 2013)
Sen. Shawn Mitchell (R-District 23) (term expires January 2013)
Sen. Lois Tochtrop (D-District 24)
Sen. Peter C. Groff (D-District 33) (term expires January 2013)
Sen. Paula Sandoval (D-District 34)

Groff is president of the Senate, Boyd is president pro tempore and chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, and Shaffer is majority leader. Penry is minority leader.

Keller is chair of the Joint Budget Committee and Tapia leads the Appropriations Committee.

Isgar leads the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, Bacon chairs the Education Committee, and Sandoval is in charge of the the Finance Committee.

The following representatives cannot seek re-election:

Rep. Jerry Frangas (D-District 4)
Rep. Joel Judd (D-District 5)
Rep. Terrance Carroll (D-District 7)
Rep. Jack Pommer (D-District 11)
Rep. Paul Weissman (D-District 12)
Rep. Michael Merrifield (D-District 18)
Rep. Michael May (R-District 44)
Rep. Liane "Buffie" McFadyen (D-District 47)

Rep. Anne McGihon (D-District 3) would have been term-limited. However, McGihon resigned her House seat effective March 27, 2009.

Carroll is House speaker, Weissman is majority leader and May is minority leader. Pommer, an influential voice on budget matters, is vice-chair of the Joint Budget Committee and chair of the Appropriations Committee.

Judd leads the Finance Committee, Merrifield has served for several years as chair of the Education Committee, and McFadyen is the veteran leader of the Transportation and Energy Committee.

Senators' terms are four years in duration. Senators can serve a maximum of two terms.

Representatives' terms are two years in duration. Representatives can serve a maximum of four terms.

Under Colorado's term limits law, which is embodied in an amendment to the state constitution approved by the electorate in 1990, a legislator who actually serves at least one-half of a term is deemed to have served a full term.