Thursday, March 26, 2009

McGihon Replacement to be Named Tonight

A Democratic party vacancy committee is to name a replacement for Rep. Anne McGihon, D-Denver, tonight.

The vacancy committee, which has 100 members, will consider ten announced candidates for the appointment.

At least half of the members must be present for the vacancy committee to do business, and in the event of a weather-related cancellation of the meeting the committee would have to provide at least 10 days notice before holding the rescheduled gathering.

The ten announced candidates are:

1. George Brown, who works as curriculum director for a high school leadership development program called Leaders Challenge;

2. Former Lt. Gov. and state Sen. Sam Cassidy, an attorney and faculty member at the University of Denver and Jones International University;

3. Douglas Farquhar, an attorney and program director with the National Council of State Legislatures environmental health program. Farquhar is a member of the University of Denver faculty and teaches environmental policy and management;

4. Judith Judd, an attorney and a member of the board of AAA of Colorado and NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation;

5. Daniel Kagan, an attorney;

6. Colleen O’Brien, a social studies teacher at Overland High School;

7. Retired Washington Post reporter T.R. Reid, who is also an author, television documentary producer, and former naval officer;

8. Aaron Silverstein, a legislative aide, community organizer and political blogger;

9. Shelley Watters, a former aide to two members of the Denver City Council and a former candidate for a seat on that body; and

10. Stephen White, a clinical social worker employed by Cherry Creek Public School District.

Whoever is appointed will have to stand for election in 2010 if he or she desires to continue as a state representative.

McGihon's resignation from the House of Representatives is effective Friday.