Sunday, January 6, 2008


Thank you for visiting Colorado Capitol Journal. Here we hope to give all those interested in the doings of the Centennial State's General Assembly, as well as its Governor and other executive branch officials, one place to keep up with the bills, debates, controversies, politics and votes.

We aren't your daily newspaper, but that's probably a good thing. As you may know, many dailies have reduced or even eliminated statehouse coverage. Only a few of the proposals taken up at the legislature get written about, and all too often those are the "controversial" ones as opposed to those that will have a meaningful impact on your life.

Moreover, daily newspapers have to sharply limit the amount of space they can devote to any kind of news coverage. Printing newspapers costs money! But we don't face that constraint. Here we can give as much space as is justified to the issues and arguments at the General Assembly. And that will help you to understand how the politics, personalities and parties affect the law, as well as to get a handle on what our elected representatives and other public officials and people engaged in the policymaking process in Denver think Colorado needs.

We will occasionally post an editorial, but you can be assured that our perspective is not partisan. We are neither Democrats nor Republicans here at Colorado Capitol Journal. We're journalists and our goal and desire is to provide you with accurate, thorough and fair coverage of Colorado's government.

We welcome your input and comments and we hope you will take advantage of the chance to tell us what you think and what you want from our coverage. If you have suggestions about what might merit coverage, let us know. And if you know someone who might be interested in writing for us, let us know that, too.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy this new effort to shine the light on Colorado's political leadership. We hope we are successful in helping you to be a more aware citizen of this great state and that we are able to provide a valuable, indeed indispensable, service to all those who need to know what's going on at the State Capitol.