Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ritter to be First CO Guv since 1970s to Miss Second Term

Gov. Bill Ritter's decision to step aside after one term is somewhat unique in Colorado history. Most chief executives have, at least in recent decades, been re-elected.

The last Colorado governor who did not serve a second term was John D. Vanderhoof. He served between July 1973 and January 1975 after succeeding John Love in office when Love took a job in President Richard M. Nixon's administration. Vanderhoof sought re-election in 1974 but was defeated by Democrat Richard D. Lamm.

Prior to Vanderhoof, who was a Republican, the last governor who did not serve a second term was Democrat Edwin Johnson. He served between 1953-55, during the era when the length of a governor's term was just two years.

Other one-termers since statehood include Democrat James Grant (1883-85), Republican Benjamin Eaton (1885-87), Democrat Alva Adams (1887-89), Republican Job Cooper (1889-91), Republican John Routt (1891-93), Populist party member David Waite (1893-95), Republican Albert McIntire (1895-97), Democrat Alva Adams (1897-99), Democrat Charles Thomas (1899-1901), Democrat James Orman (1901-1903), Republican James Peabody (1903-05), Republican Henry Buchtel (1907-09), Democrat Elias Ammons (1913-15), Republican George Carlson (1915-17), Democrat Julius Gunter (1917-19), Democrat William Sweet (1923-25), Republican Clarence Morley (1925-27), and Democrat Teller Ammons (1937-39).