Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Colorado Springs' Apuan Recognizes Fallen Soldiers from Colorado on Opening Day

The opening day ceremonies at the state capitol took a somber turn today as Rep. Dennis Apuan, D-Colorado Springs, memorialized dozens of American warriors before a rapt chamber.

Apuan, who represents a district proximal to two Air Force bases, the Cheyenne Mountain facility, Fort Carson, and the Air Force Academy, asked for a moment of silence to honor the following members of the U.S. armed forces killed in action in Iraq or Afghanistan between May and December of 2009:

Private Steven T. Drees
Specialist Gregory J. Missman
Sergeant Jason J. Fabrizi
Specialist Randy L.J. Neff Jr.
Sergeant Joshua J. Rimer
Private Patrick S. Fitzgibbon
Private First Class Richard K. Jones
Corporal Jonathan M. Walls
Sergeant Matthew L. Ingram
Private First Class Matthew Wildes
Sergeant Youvert Loney
Sergeant Randy M. Haney
First Lieutenant Tyler Edward Parten
Sergeant First Class Duane A. Thornsbury
Sergeant First Class David A Davis
Private First Class William Meredith
Staff Sergeant Justin T. Gallegos
Specialist Christopher T. Griffin
Sergeant Joshua M. Hardt
Sergeant Joshua J. Kirk
Specialist Stephan L. Mace
Staff Sergeant Vernon W. Martin
Sergeant Michael P. Scusa
Private First Class Kevin C. Thomson
Specialist Kevin Olsen Hill
Specialist Jesus O. Flores
Specialist Daniel C. Lawson
Staff Sergeant Glen H. Stivison Jr.
Private First Class Brandon M. Styer
Specialist Kimble A. Han
Specialist Eric N. Lembke
Private First Class Devin J. Michel
Sergeant Eduviges G. Wolf
Sergeant Jason A. Mcleod
Sergeant Kenneth R. Nichols
Sergeant Elijah J. Rao
Corporal Joshua A. Lengstorf
Specialist Brian R. Bowman
Private John P. Dion