Sunday, May 3, 2009

DPHE Announces 2 New Colorado Swine Flu Cases

The Department of Public Health and Environment said today that there are two new cases of swine flu in Colorado.
Both are in Jefferson County and neither patient was hospitalized.

“The new cases are not unexpected, and do not change the state’s
approach to the H1N1 flu outbreak,” the state's chief medical officer, Dr. Ned
Calonge, said at a news conference.

The new cases involve a middle-school aged man who had recently traveled to an affected area in the U.S. and another man in his twenties.

“Of the two new confirmed cases, both had possible exposure to travelers having visited Mexico or a part of the country where H1N1 is known to be circulating,” Calonge said.

DPHE is awaiting confirmation of six additional cases from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Colorado has had four confirmed cases of H1N1 infection this year. Other than the two announced today, a person in Arapahoe County and a person in Douglas County have been infected.