Tuesday, January 6, 2009

GOP Announces Budget Task Force

Citing an impending budget crisis, the legislature's minority Republicans announced today that they would create a "task force" to examine priorities and potential solutions to the state's anticipated budget shortfall.

According to recent estimates Colorado could face a $600 million difference between revenues and budgeted expenditures this fiscal year.

“The state budget and the economy will be the number one issues we face this year in the Legislature,” House minority leader Mike May of Parker said. “That is why we are putting together a task force to examine the issues and come up with workable solutions.”

Joining May on the task force will be GOP Reps. Don Marostica of Loveland, Kent Lambert of Colorado Springs, Cory Gardner of Yuma and Ellen Roberts of Durango.

Republican lawmakers plan to use the recommendations developed by the GOP panel mambers to argue for passage of a "responsible budget that reflects the values of Colorado families," according to a press release issued by the House GOP communications office.

The party's statehouse press office declined to say whether the GOP expects majority Democrats to give serious consideration to Republican budget proposals.

The state's budget is written by the bipartisan Joint Budget Committee of the General Assembly.