Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Politico" Says Groff May Be Dark-Horse in Race for Salazar Seat

A national political blog says senate president Peter Groff, D-Denver, may be under consideration by Gov. Bill Ritter to replace U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar.

Groff has been mentioned on most of the speculative lists of candidates, but isn’t considered a top-tier contender to win the appointment.

Groff has a strong resume. He quickly moved up the ranks in the state legislature after being elected to the state House in 2000. Before that, he served as an adviser to former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb. One Democratic operative in Colorado called him the “best public speaker” of all the prospective candidates in either party.

And by making an outside-the-box selection, Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Colo.) would get some national attention as he prepares to face his own tough reelection campaign in two years.

The negatives: Groff hasn’t been tested politically, as he represents a solidly Democratic legislative district in Denver. He has an eight-year voting record that Republicans could scrutinize in a general election. And he would have to demonstrate he can raise the millions necessary for a statewide race in 2010.

Ritter's spokesman has said the governor will make an appointment before the new Congress convenes on Jan. 6.