Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OGCC Completes Consideration of New Extraction Rules

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has completed its consideration of expansive new rules governing energy extraction activities in the state and will decide whether to adopt them in December.

According to a Rocky Mountain News report,

In the last phase of deliberations Sunday and Monday, the nine-member Oil and Gas Conservation Commission weighed proposed regulations to better handle and store waste products from drilling operations.

Commissioners will consider formal approval of the new rules Dec. 9-11.

The reworked rules are designed to better protect the environment, public health and local communities from the impacts on air, water, wildlife and lifestyle from oil and gas drilling.

Industry officials have heavily criticized the new rules, saying they could add costly delays to new energy development. But state officials say they have made numerous compromises to address operator concerns as part of their effort to balance an energy boom in the state with quality of life.