Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bruce Would Have Compared Legal Migrant Ag-Workers to 9-11 Perpetrators, Cop-Killer

Rep. Doug Bruce, R-Colorado Springs, was prepared to compare legal migrant farmworkers to the terrorists who committed the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. and to the murderer of a Denver police officer before he was prevented from continuing a speech during House floor debate on HB 1325 April 21.

The text of Bruce's planned comments on HB 1325 are posted on his personal website.

Here are some excerpts. First, Bruce says that migrant workers get paid to do little or no work and that the state should simply forcibly enlist prison inmates to pick crops. He also implies that migrant farmworkers pose a threat to break up the union:

"Do you recall the immigration petition in 2006? All those mean Colorado citizens wanted to take welfare state benefits away from our foreign cousins visiting us here from our extended world family. Fortunately, the supreme court protected us from being able to vote on that ballot issue. Judge Martinez wrote the court opinion that one sentence of that shot petition was two subjects, so those selfish citizens could not prohibit subsidizing this invasion.

"Now a second branch of state government, our responsive legislature, is also heeding the public will. HB 1325 proposes we phase in the importation each year of up to 5,000 additional aliens to live in work camps and undercut free market wages that would attract American workers. An act of sheer genius!

"You say Americans don't want this seasonal work at any wage? No wonder, since the CATO Institute estimated about eight years ago that the cash value of Colorado's total welfare benefits was the equivalent of $10.05 per hour. Eight years later, it's probably closer to $14 per hour. Pretty good income for doing nothing. Why work, when government will pay you not to work? Here we can show our international compassion and, at the same time, prop up the welfare state entitlements that created the wage rate distortion-such a deal!

"We can't use prison labor to pick crops. The convicts might object, or they might eat too much of the crops they are picking, and contribute to our obesity crisis. We wouldn't want that on our conscience.

"We can't let free market labor pricing work. That is too radical a concept.

"Once we implement this brilliant program for agriculture, can manufacturing, construction, and other labor sectors be far behind? Maybe we could also import our politicians! We couldn't do worse.

"Look how successful this program has been in Germany and other parts of Europe, which now are overflowing with Turkish, Greek, and other immigrants creating their own subcultures. Look at the cultural peace in Quebec, with two main languages and daily disputes about which language's traffic sign should be on top."

Next, Bruce would have stated that "immigration tolerance" of the type supposedly advanced by Rep. Marsha Looper's bill invited more terrorism and violent crime:

"We have plenty of examples of the results of our immigration tolerance, both legal and illegal. One man came here legally on a lawful tourist visa. He wanted to learn how to fly a commercial jet. Take-off and navigation only, please; learning to land was not required. His name was Mohammed Atta, and he and 18 other visitors were America's guests until their visit came to an abrupt end on September 11, 2001. Of course, they were just exercising their rights to self-expression.

"Another 'gentleman' was hired to work in a local restaurant owned by Denver's mayor. Raul Garcia-Gomez also worked in the food industry, until he killed a Denver police officer. He then fled to his native Mexico. He was extradited only after he was guaranteed that he would not face the death penalty. Now we are providing him free room and board for life-he has no more worries. What a country!"

Bruce then would have compared the pilot program to assist with processing of H-1A visas with slave smuggling:

"HB 1325 is an ingenious solution to the illegal alien problem. It makes them LEGAL because government gives them a piece of paper! Now why didn't I think of that? When WE import them, we save them the trouble of crossing the border at night. We will out-compete the coyotes, better known as slave traders, who charge them for the trip. We will do it safely and for free! Who says government programs can't replace the private sector?"

He then accuses Democrats of being supportive of Looper's bill because the migrant farmworkers would vote for Democrats and Republicans of supporting it so that businesses can exploit people:

"Democrats should support this bill even though it is a precedent to further undermine organized labor. When the next amnesty comes, these people are expected to register and vote Democratic.

"Republicans should support this bill to maintain their image of exploiting the little guy on behalf of Big Business. Another win-win for our noble and responsive political system."

Migrant farmworkers in the United States under authority of a temporary visa cannot vote in federal, state, or local elections.

Bruce was gaveled down during the April 21 debate for saying he thought the bill would lead to the presence of "5,000 more illiterate peasants" in Colorado.