Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Voter Registration Numbers Show GOP Lead Faltering

The Republican party, which has long been the dominant bloc of voters in Colorado, continues to see its lead in percentage of voters registered as a member decline.

According to a report in the Rocky Mountain News, the latest statewide voter registration numbers show that unaffiliated voters are rapidly gaining on the GOP. Registered Republicans now make up 34.8 percent of the state's electorate, while independents comprise 34.4 percent and the Democratic Party has 30.4 percent of registered voters.

The margin of GOP voters over independent voters declined by 2,000 people in one month. In addition, during the month prior to publication of the latest registration data Democrats gained 5,000 new voters, 4,000 people registered as unaffiliated voters, and the Republicans gained 2,000 new voters.