Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Todd's Dissection Alternative Bill to Get Hearing

The House Education Committee will soon hear a bill by Rep. Nancy Todd, D-Aurora, that would require public schools to give students who object to harming an animal the opportunity to do projects, other than dissection or similar procedures, that would achieve the classroom educational goals.

HB 1149, the Student Dissection Choice Act, is co-sponsored by several other former or present teachers serving in the House, including Reps. Andy Kerr, D-Lakewood, Cherilyn Peniston, D-Westminster and Judy Solano, D-Thornton. Republican Rep. Larry Liston of Colorado Springs is also a co-sponsor.

The bill would apply to a living or dead animal and require schools to notify students and parents three weeks in advance of any planned dissection, vivisection, incubation, capture or any other action that would result in harm or death to an animal.

The House Education Committee is scheduled to conduct a hearing on HB 1149 Monday, Jan. 28 at 1:30 pm.