Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State Reptile Bill Gets Final House Passage

The bill to designate the Western painted turtle as Colorado's state reptile got final approval in the House yesterday, though not without nine "no" votes.

HB 1017, sponsored by Rep. Cherilyn Peniston, D-Westminster, is the product of an effort by children in Adams County who noticed Colorado is one of 25 states that has not designated an official reptile.

The vote on final House passage was 56-9, with the following representatives opposed:

Douglas Bruce, R-Colorado Springs
Cory Gardner, R-Yuma
Steve King, R-Grand Junction
Kent Lambert, R-Colorado Springs
Larry Liston, R-Colorado Springs
Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling
Debbie Stafford, D-Aurora
Spencer Swalm, R-Centennial
Al White, R-Hayden

HB 1017 now moves over to the Senate, where it is sponsored by Democrat Jennifer Viega of Denver.